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LaunchZone SwapX

SwapX is the key product of the LaunchZone ecosystem. It is similar to Binance’s Liquid Swap but much more advanced. Binance’s LiquidSwap is a centralized service that supports swapping between stablecoins and fiats while SwapX supports more stablecoin and cryptocurrency pairs. 

LaunchZone PoolX

The PoolX serves as the on-chain edition of the Binance Launchpool. Users will be able to provide liquidity provider (LP) tokens for the BSCX/BUSD pair to farm (earn) a new tokens. The amount of your daily-earned tokens is proportional to the number of tokens you have subscribed to the pool vs the total number of tokens subscribed to the pool. The tokens you earn are distributed to you in real-time. You get to accumulate a brand new coin, for free.

LaunchZone PadX

PadX is the on-chain version of Binance exchange’s Launchpad. It is the platform for crypto startups to raise their fund through the process called IDO (Initial Dex Offering). The difference here is that only those who win the LuckyStar ticket of the LaunchPadX have the right to participate in the IDO

LaunchZone DexX

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On Mobile

You can use Trust Wallet or any kinds of wallet that support web3 and Dapps to experience in our products.

On Desktop

You can use chrome and metamask to experience in our products including DexX, SwapX and PoolX.


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