New updates on the proposal for reducing BSCX’s total supply to 10,000,000

On the 14th Jan, 2021, one community member proposed to reduce BSCX’s total supply from 100,000,000 to 10,000,000.

Link of the original proposal

The proposal has been concluded with total 62.19K voting weights for YES and 16.05k voting weights for NO.

The proposal has raised the concerns of other community members because the amount of BSCX holders participated into the voting process does NOT represent the community agreement. Many BSCX owners, who have their funds locked in BSCX’s liquidity pairs, also should have the rights to show their decision and support to the development of BSCX token and BSCEX platform.

For those reasons, The LaunchZone Core Team decided to revoke the community proposal #QmQYWkX. We have remade a new governance process that give permission for IP token owners of BSCX/BUSD and BSCX/BNB pairs also can participate into the governance process.

For details:

Governance Process

In the next few days, the community can vote to approve or disapprove the proposal of reducing BSCX’s total supply again. The proposal of reducing token supply will be reposted as a CORE VOTING PROPOSAL, means, it will be sponsored by the LaunchZone Core Team.

This time the result will be final

Thank you for understanding.

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