LaunchZone’s Governance Module Announcement

LaunchZone Ecosystem has announced the launch of LaunchZone’s governance module and the integration of its governance token $BSCX. 

The LaunchZone GoverX Module will be governed by $BSCX token owners, the GoverX Module will allow $BSCX holders to make decisions on various topics that are critical to our beloved platform. These include issues such as which new assets to support, what yield strategies should be implemented, and any changes to platform fees or tokenomics.

To propose changes to the LaunchZone Ecosystem, it is necessary to follow the below steps:

  1. Changes to the platform are submitted in the form of proposals, which are posted on The LaunchZone GoverX Module. Only the addresses that have more than 100 BSCX token are qualified to make proposals. 
  2. Everyone can vote. The amount of $BSCX that voters have will represent their voting power/voting weight. Please refer to this voting instruction:
  3. If a proposal passes, the changes are executed, allowing $BSCX holders to govern the growth of the project.

LaunchZone is a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange-centered ecosystem that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). LaunchZone’s mission is to make Binance’s off-chain services available on the blockchain, develop the applications on BSC, and promote the features of decentralized finance that let our users earn tokens and gain many other economic benefits. 

BSCX token is minted by Liquidity Mining. It is the governance and equity token of the LaunchZone ecosystem. Users holding $BSCX can participate in liquidity farming, IDO (LaunchpadX), PoolX, and many other on-chain activities of the LaunchZone ecosystem that warrant the economic benefits of our token holders. $BSCX contract adopts a completely fair distribution mechanism to make sure that no one can interrupt the fairness of our ecosystem. 

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