How to buy a BSCX cover on Soteria.Finance?

1.1 Login to the Binance exchange and purchase a certain amount of BNB for the on-chain transfer fee and for purchasing cover.



1.2 Open MetaMask and click the networks dropdown to add the  Binance  Smart  Chain network.





1.3 Click on Custom RPC and enter the parameters for the BSC network.


You can also refer to the following link:

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain

RPC URL: Chain ID:56

Currency Symbol : BNB

Block Explorer URL:



1.4 Copy your MetaMask wallet address, then select the BSC network for transferring BNB to your MetaMask wallet.




1.5 Open link to MetaMask and enter the Soteria platform.



  1. Membership

2.1 Once  you  enter  the  welcome  screen,  you  need  to  click  on  the  bottom  button to  pay  the membership fee. Only members of Soteria Mutual could purchase cover and perform other operations in Soteria. You can become a member of  Soteria  only  after  successfully  paying  0.1BNB. 




  1. How to Wrap/Unwrap SOTE

3.1 Launch


3.2 Select “SWAP” on the left side of screen and then click on the WSOTE&SOTE tab


3.3 Approve the amount of SOTE/WSOTE you want swap


3.4 Enter amount and authorize transaction to complete 



  1. Buy Insurance

4.1  Clicking  on  Cover  will  take  you to the cover screen. Here you can see which Cover you have purchased, and what Claims you have applied for. When you click on Buy cover, you will be redirected to the purchase page.



4.2 On the purchase page, users can select BSCX or other projects.



4.3 After selecting the appropriate item, click Select to enter the specific purchase screen for that  item.  This  page  requires  the  user  to  fill  in  the  amount and the number of days to be insured. The insured amount can not exceed the total amount of the project’s capacity, the minimum  number of days insured is 30 days, and the maximum number of days insured is 365 days. 


4.4 After filling in the relevant data, click on Get quote to go to the next page. In this screen, the  user  can  choose  to  pay  for  the  relevant  insurance  with  either  BNB or SOTE. After the user has clicked on the relevant statement to confirm, they can click buy cover to complete the purchase process.



4.5 After  a successful  purchase,  users  can  see  the  content  and  status  of  the  purchased insurance in the Cover Insurance screen, such as insurance in force, insurance expired, claim submitted, etc.


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