Launchzone Ecosystem Weekly Report (Dec 27–Jan 2 2021)

As we head into the new year of 2021, it has been another very busy week for Launchzone as we continue to make many progress on our projects. 

Dec 29 2020 

We released our LaunchPoolX, which is the on-chain version of Binance exchange’s Launchpool. LaunchpoolX lets your users use their tokens and the liquidity provider (LP) token of the BSCX-BUSD pair to farm (earn) a new token, for free. The number of tokens earned each daily is proportional to the number of tokens our users have subscribed to the pool vs the total number of tokens subscribed to the pool. In other good news, we are featured on many influential crypto assets media channels.

Dec 30 2020

Launchzone Ecosystem announced a partnership with Coin98 Wallet – a simple and secure non-custodial crypto wallets to drive the adoption for Binance Smart Chain and integrate $BSCX token into Coin98 Wallet. For details, please see this article.

Dec 31 2020

We have partnered with ezDeFi, one of the largest crypto wallet service providers, focusing on supporting multi-chain cross-liquidity services. The collaboration between Launchzone and ezDeFi will underpin and drive forth development efforts in our international market. Launchzone and ezDeFi share a common goal to raise awareness of quality investment opportunities.

Jan 01 2021

We reached a big milestone. Launchzone has more than 600 HODLERs, $500,000 in TVL and get listed on

Jan 02 2021

We released our project roadmap. The roadmap will lay the foundation for our development of 2021. This will be a very busy and productive year for Launchzone. For the details, please refer to this LINK.

Jan 03 2021

BSC.NEW wrote a great review of Launchzone, for the full review, please see HERE.

Jan 04 2021

Open BSCX/BNB farming on Launchzone and PancakeSwap

Total liquidity of $BSCX pairs reached $1M

$BSCX price has decoupled and increased x12 (from $0.05 to $0.6)

Financial Report

As of this week, we have paid $BSCX and $USDT in development grants for:

  • Auditing fee: 16,000 $USDT (in processing)
  • 487 $BSCX and 3116 $USDT for marketing and partnerships.

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