Heading into the third week of January, BSCex team continues to strive for progress with several updates and launches.

Jan 18

SwapX version 2 is available on

LaunchPadX is available on testnet.

Jan 19

SwapX ranked 9th in Binance Smart Chain, 13th in Exchanges and 70th in general.

SwapX’s volume reached $4.49 million.

BSCex’s daily organic volume hit $5 million (+111.50%) and daily users more than 1,500 (+11.35%).

BSCex announced our audit firm: VeriChains Lab.

Jan 20

$BSCX’s first halving event took place: only 4 BSCX are now produced per block.

Jan 21

Governance vote on reducing BSCX’s total supply ended.

Jan 22

zSeed is announced to be listed on LaunchPoolX.

Jan 23

Proposal for reducing BSCX’s total supply is updated and reposted for voting.

Crypto Talkz announced the schedule for their next session on “AMA with BSCex” on February 4 2021, 3:00PM UTC.

Jan 24

Coin98 Wallet announced BSCex’s AMA winners here.

zSeed is officially available on LaunchPoolX.


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