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LaunchZone frequently asked questions


Question 1: What is LaunchZone token?

LaunchZone token ticker is BSCX. BSCX token is a passive income for depositors who provide liquidity to the market. 


BSCX token is minted by Liquidity Mining. It is the governance and equity token of the LaunchZone ecosystem. Users holding BSCX can participate in liquidity farming, IDO (PadX), PoolX, and many other on-chain activities of the LaunchZone ecosystem that warrant the economic benefits of our token holders. BSCX contract adopts a completely fair distribution mechanism to make sure that no one can interrupt the fairness of our ecosystem.  


Question 2: What is the total supply of BSCX?

Total Supply: 100,000,000 BSCX

Farming: 96,800,000 BSCX

IDO: 2,000,000 BSCX


Question 3: Which wallet can I connect with LaunchZone?

Currently, we are supporting the following wallets:

  • Metamask
  • ezDeFi
  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Fortmatic
  • Portis


Question 4: How do I swap with LaunchZone?

You can start swapping on LaunchZone by accessing the SwapX page and choose the tokens, along with the amount that you would like to swap. For detailed instructions, you can check out our docs. 


SwapX page:
LaunchZone docs:


Question 5: How do I farm on LaunchZone?

Farming requires staking LP tokens. These tokens can be obtained through providing liquidity to a listed pool. Then you choose a pool to stake your LP tokens and the amount that you would like to stake. You can check out our docs for more instructions.

PoolX page:

LaunchZone docs:


Question 6: How do I connect my wallet to LaunchZone?

In order to connect your wallet you have to click on the “Unlock Wallet” button on the top-right corner of the page. After that, look for the wallet you want to connect to LaunchZone and click “connect”. Approve the connection and you’re good to go.


Question 7: Why is 75% of new BSCX locked for 1 year after Harvesting?

Since BSCX token is designed to be the developing instrument of LaunchZone Ecosystem, sustainability and stability are highly prioritized. Therefore, the 75% lock serves as a guarantee benefiting both the Ecosystem itself and the holders of BSCX. By having most of new BSCX locked in the pools,  the price and liquidity of BSCX is protected from the risk of having too many people cashing out simultaneously, which might result in a big dump to the token and later affect the whole ecosystem. With a farming pool enabled to ensure the liquidity of tokens as well as its own safety in a determined period of time, investors can farm without the fear of an unexpected dump might affect their  profit. This is the feature making BSCX pools potential and attractive to new investors. The cash flow of  new investors shall expand the pools and the continuous flow of new funds prolongs the vitality of the liquidity pools. After 1 year, the locked amount of BSCX  shall be returned to the Liquidity provider’s wallet address as 10% monthly bonus until all the BSCX locked is returned. In other word, all the BSCX farmed shall be returned to the farmers, but the 1 locking year makes BSCX a great mid-term and long-term investment; as the Dev team always have the funds needed to develop the Ecosystem whilst early farmers have chance to benefit from bigger growth in the future. In conclusion, rather than a redundant requirement, the feature of locking 75% new BSCX for 1 year should be perceived as a smart and benefiting solution to the LaunchZone Ecosystem and all participants.


Question 8: Who is behind LaunchZone?

It is well known and currently acknowledged that we are all living in an unsustainable and unstable centralized – economy. Unsustainable exploitations  of natural resources alter our environmental conditions whilst social monetary values are controlled by people and institutions that don’t care about the well-being of others more than themselves. All of this made us came to a common conclusion: it is time for a change. LaunchZone’ s team consists of individuals from different continents, nations, races and colors with the similar goal of building a sustainable and stable economic Ecosystem for everyone by the help of blockchain technology and decentralized finance. We might be all different but under the same ideal, we all work for the world to be a better place.


Question 9: Why are the group chats of LaunchZone having so many poor – English users?

As mentioned earlier, the team of LaunchZone consists of people from all different parts of the world, the members of LaunchZone communities also are from different parts of the globe. Therefore, to the members not from English-speaking countries, communication is not always the easiest task. Despite that, we wanted to keep our groups and communities this way as creating a healthy economic Ecosystem for everyone regardless of their nationality, race or color has always been our ultimate purpose. No matter where you are from, once coming to LaunchZone community, you shall be well informed and supported as a friend. A sustainable and healthy economy is for everyone and takes everyone joining hands to create. Come to us and LaunchZone Ecosystem and together, we can create a brighter future.

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  1. Hi I like the BSCEX and I staked some liquidity in the launchpool. The one year locking period of 75% farmed and what if dump sell arise after 1 year release the locked token! Do you have better plan after 1 year release token that can keep the value of token sustainable and development!
    Secondly when we add liquidity in the pool, do we earn the sharing fee from the transaction?
    CS San

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