Governance Process

LaunchZone principally aims for the governance process to happen on-chain. The governance activities are centered on the ownership of BSCX token and LP (liquidity provider) tokens representing a crypto liquidity provider’s share of a pool of our LaunchZone PoolX.

Through the governance process, the votes will be recorded on the blockchain, and the results will be carried out following the vote. As the platform grows, there will be more issues that will be handled through on-chain governance. 

General Governance Process 

The governance process is operated in the following order: 

  • proposals sent by community members, 
  • the approval and consideration of LaunchZone Core Team, 
  • voting by community members, 
  • and various follow-up procedures depending on the result of the vote. 

Once the proposal is introduced by those who have the right to introduce proposals (the subject to change), the CORE TEAM must conduct expert analysis on the proposal and make the decision to approve or disapprove the proposal. 

Voting Right

Each of the LaunchZone Community members can cast one vote. The amount of $BSCX, the LP tokens of BSCX/BUSD and BSCX/BNB pairs that voters have will represent their voting power/voting weight. 

Please refer to this voting instruction:

Please refer this for adding liquidity instruction:

This was decided as it is important to make sure nobody can hold monopolistic power over the development of LaunchZone. The LP tokens holders also should have the right to vote for the development of the ecosystem. 


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