How to add liquidity for BSCX-BNB pair, using Trust wallet mobile app

Here’s a quick guide on how to use add liquidity for BSCX-BNB pair on  with your Trust wallet

1, Download the application on the App Store or Play Store


2, Open your Trust wallet mobile app and choose Dapp by pressing the icon below



3, In the search bar, insert



4/ Once the site is open, choose your tokens to start swapping for BSCX and BNB. It is required that the value of owned BSCX and BNB are equal in order to provide liquidity, so make sure to halve your investment for both tokens



5/ After selecting tokens to swap, insert your desired amount for swapping. Just insert the amount of either the From or the To areas and the amount of the remaining section shall be shown automatically based on current market rate. .


6/ After setting swapping amount, choose Swap



7/ Confirm Swap and accept all further confirmations to finish your order


8, After having both BSCX and BNB, switch to Pool and choose Add Liquidity



9, Make sure you have both BSCX and BNB in the input bars

10, Insert your desired amount of tokens to provide liquidity by writing the quantity of either BSCX or BNB. The remaining bar shall be filled automatically based on the current market rate.

11, After filling all transaction details, press Supply to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens

12, Confirm Supply and the remaining transaction details. After this, you have successfully provided liquidity to BSCX-BNB pair and can use the LP token to farm for more BSCX

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