How to add liquidity using ezDeFi browser Extension

1, Add ezDeFi extension to your browser

2, Open  on your Browser

3, Connect to your wallet by right click on ezDeFi icon => accounts

4, Choose the wallet address containing your fund and tokens for swapping

5, After connecting, choose your tokens to swap for BSCX and BNB/BUSD

6, After swapping, choose pool to start providing liquidity for BSCX-pair

7, Press “Add liquidity” and choose your pair of tokens to provide liquidity for the pool

8, Insert the amount of token you want to use to provide liquidity. It is required that both tokens of the pair have the same value when locked, so make sure to halve your investment for both tokens

9, After inserting amount for adding liquidity, press supply and confirm your supply. By doing this, you successfully added liquidity and are ready to start farming

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