How to get Lucky Star tickets and buy IDO on PadX?

Here’s a DEMO tutorial on how you can get Lucky Star tickets by locking BSCX token to buy IDO on PadX


Step 1: Log onto


Step 2: Connect your wallet address to the PadX


Step 3: Choose a wallet app to connect to PadX


Step 4: Make sure you connect to the address containing your BSCX for locking


Step 5: After connecting your wallet address to PadX, choose Join Now

Step 6: Approves BSCX to continue


Step 7: Confirm the approval transaction


Step 8: Locking BSCX in exchange for Lucky Star tickets. You need to lock 100 BSCX to receive 1 Lucky Star ticket. 1 wallet address can lock the maximum of 1,000 BSCX to receive 10 Lucky Star tickets.

The BSCX shall be locked for 6 months and investors can still participate in the next IDOs (if any) during this 6 month period. Apart from IDO participation, owners of locked BSCX shall benefit from airdrop tokens from the partners of LaunchZone (details to be provided with each event).

10% of raised funds from IDO shall be used to reward investors who locked their BSCX.


Step 9: Confirm the locking transaction to continue


Step 10: After locking BSCX to get Lucky Star tickets, you can click on the following Icon to review the status of your tickets


Step 11: Investors can check the tickets’ status here. The whitelist shall be generated  by Smart Contract of Chainlink VRF and the results shall be announced 12 hours before whitelisting.


Step 12: After learning which Lucky Star tickets are winning Participation Slot (12h before whitelist), the owners of winning Lucky Star tickets can claim their Participation Slots and use the slots to buy IDO with BSCX token. It is required that buyers claim their reward and make a purchase before the Claim period ends or the Progress bar reaches 100%

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